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Tencel Nano Silver Pillow Case (1 Pairs)

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Tencel Nano Silver absorbs moisture more efficiently to assist in the body’s natural thermal regulating mechanism, keeping the skin pleasantly cool, dry and comfortable throughout the night. The naturally breathable and hygienic qualities of Tencel Nano Silver makes it soft to touch and tension-free with no electrostatic charge. The built up of excessive positive static charges are often the culprit of our fatigue.

Tencel Nano Silver is also an excellent choice for individuals with hypersensitivity, allergies or delicate skin as not only is there less available moisture formed on the surface of the fabric for bacteria to grow, the embedded Nano Silver sterilizes and sanitizes the surface by continuously killing germs. Nano Silver’s ability to eliminate micro bacterial cells prove to be more effective than conventional germ removal methods. It is a popular choice for all age groups and highly recommended for families with infants as the clean – bacteria free surface encourages a healthy sleep environment.

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